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gingerstache   (open in a new window)

The most AWEsome time that you're NOT having. Lol
I don't know what to put here. Aske whatever you want.

29 years old | Aaronsburg, PA, USA

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kgmncub   (open in a new window)

looking for love and soulmate
Hello, my name is David. I am an extremely shy person. Once you get to know me and get past the outer sanctum, you'll find a warm, nurturing and caring person. My close friends are as important to me as my immediate family because I consider them family, as well. I am out to my family and friends, but my dad does not approve of my chosen lifestyle, so discretion around him is important. Other...

41 years old | Kingman, AZ, USA

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kittwriteswords   (open in a new window)

i mustache you a question...
Did you see django Unchained? How jealous are you of christoph waltz? beards are also great!

24 years old | Wichita, KS, USA

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thatfellalogan   (open in a new window)

I'm looking for a girl who's got eyes that were made to see new, fantastic things. INFJ, for those who'd care to know. I'm an aspiring actor/playwright.director at Texas Wesleyan University. I may update this later, till then, message me if you'd like to know more.

20 years old | Fort Worth, TX, USA

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handie89   (open in a new window)

LOOK away! are not deserving of the 'Stache'
I have had a mustache since 1990 and have only shaved it off 4 times since then (once because I read an article about "Upper Lip Exercises) Anyway, It has been on so long and thick, some even told me to give it back to Tom Selleck. (He lost's mine). Would love to show it off for you ladies, give me a message.

42 years old | Kanab, UT, USA

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dave41079   (open in a new window)

Why yes, it is over 10 inches.
I have the best mustache you've ever seen. That's why we're here, right? I tend to be a bit of a smartass, and I love to just have fun. I stay pretty busy between friends, work, my dog, and my house. Being outdoors is probably my biggest passion. Cars, shooting, tinkering, remodeling/building things, and movies all come close though. Anything particular you want to know, just ask.

34 years old | Nashville, TN, USA

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simplyjessie   (open in a new window)

I've had a passion for 'staches for as long as I can remember. I can't believe this site exists.

34 years old | Lincoln, NE, USA

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pauly1969   (open in a new window)

the stache compleles you!!
I've had a red mustache for 30 years now that i'm retired from the army it will be unleashed and brought to its full glory i'm probally one of the few men on the planet that if i shave my mustache off again i'll be disowned by my kids

43 years old | Fountain, CO, USA

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stacheyboi   (open in a new window)

stachey dude
19 year old with a stache since i was 12. Love hot sexy 'stached men!

19 years old | Abbott, CA, USA

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pyramid52   (open in a new window)

love my stache
I have a nice stache

54 years old | Atlanta, GA, USA

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